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Vecs 09.01.2018, 02:33   #1
sciroriderPLLietotāja bilde
Reģistrācija: 18.01.2009
Ziņas: 76
sciroriderPL .Neitrāls
Noklusējot X Sciroccomeeting Poland 2018 - Scirocco CUP!

Hi guys

I would like to invite you to the 10th Sciroccomeeting in Poland 2018 !

when : 15-20.05.2018 (Yes this time we will party 5 days )

where : Rochna (middle of Poland) exactly here :

programe :

tuesday 15.05.2018


środa 16.05.2018

Scirocco Cup - Sciroccoracing on the new racing track ! We will have the track for 8 hours Only Sciroccos will race !

here alle the details :

important information:

- loudness of the exhaust can be max. 98 DB - at 5.000 rpm !

In the evening: Disco with DJ

thursday 17.05.2018

Visit at a private car musuem Stacja Nieborów + visiting a WW2 bunker (only for those who want to)

in the evening : campfire

friday 18.05.2018

Paintball ! everybody gets full equipment + 500 bullets. We will play different scenarios.

In the evening: Disco with DJ

saturday 19.05.2018

we stay on camp, competitions, suprise, prizes, campfire

sunday 20.05.2018

leaving home until 12.00 am


This time we have no houses only rooms for 2 or 3 persons. Every room has a bathroom.

200 m from the camp there ar 2 restaurants, where you can also eat.

nearest sho is approx. 1-2 km fromthe camp.

on the camp you can buy cold beer in good prices

costs :

the whole meeting : 570 PLN (approx. 140 EUR) / pers.

including :

5 nights
5 x breakfast
Race track
disco with dj etc..

As usual I need from you a whole prepayment until31.03.2018

bank details:
(as usual )

Krzysztof Buczkowski
78 1020 3352 0000 1102 0080 4799

registration as always :

sciroccorider83 (at)

with following information :

name + surname
room for 2 or 3 pers.
T-shirt size (male or female) black or white ?
SC1 / SC2 / SC3 ?

Hope to see you all this year in Poland !


Scirocco mk2 GTII '90 convertibel
Scirocco mk2 GTII '91
Scirocco mk2 GTI '81
Scirocco mk2 GT '88
Scirocco mk1 GT '79

crazy about scirocco....
sciroriderPL nav forumā   Citēt
Vecs Vakar, 23:05   #2
MetslaLietotāja bilde
Reģistrācija: 03.08.2009
Dzinējs: 1.8 20vt
Ziņas: 67
Metsla .Neitrāls

If only I had enough time and money to finish my car. :/
Metsla nav forumā   Citēt

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