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sciroriderPL 24.12.2016 13:58

IX Sciroccomeeting Poland 2017
Hello latvian Sciroccofriends,

the year is almost finished and I would like to invite you to our allready 9th meeting (crazy how time is running) in Poland 2017

when : 07.06 - 11.06.2017
where : Karłów

exactly here :,16.3421578,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x42f3bc51f5da5b78!8m2!3d50.47 4713!4d16.3421578

our camping

it is situated in the middle of national naturepark and exactly in the middle of the famous road of 100 curves

here some information about the attractions next year :

- sightsseing of the undergound city build by Hitler
- trip by foot to Szczeliniec Wielki a platform with beautiful view
- rafting
- Stone labirynth
- famous bonehead chappel

similar like this year we will have a Dj for 2 nights :)

price similar like this year approx : 100 EUR / prs. including :

- T-shirt, this year you have to choose between Sc1 or Sc2, if you want both it is an additional cost of 10 EUR
- 4 nights in houses
- 4 x breakfast
- welcom gift + sticker
- DJ
- all entrances

All houses have own bathrooms and kitchen :0

All further information about amount of sleepingplaces in the houses and how to register fpr the meeting I will send you the information as soon as the year 2017 begins :)

And now I wish you all the Best for the yaer 2017 and a merry merry and happy christmas.

Hope to see you in Poland next year :)



Melnais 27.12.2016 10:54

Pats vēl īsti nezinu, bet ko pārējie domā? :17:

NIKA 27.12.2016 11:02


Ziņa no Melnais
Pats vēl īsti nezinu, bet ko pārējie domā? :17:

Mēs šogad domājam nebraukt.
Kā pārējiem, vai kāds vēlas piedalīties?

Rom4iks 28.12.2016 08:43

man ģimenes pieaugums maija, tadēļ nezinu vai varēšu braukt, ja varēšu tad braukšu

NIKA 28.12.2016 22:57


Ziņa no Rom4iks
man ģimenes pieaugums maija, tadēļ nezinu vai varēšu braukt, ja varēšu tad braukšu

ogo, un tu klusēji :D apsveicu :)

Melnais 29.12.2016 11:31

Jāa, malacis ;)

sciroriderPL 05.01.2017 18:19


happy new year :) so if someone is interested in visitng our meeting (I know I know it is far far away :P ) but very very interesting! :) here are some facts about accomodation.

This year we have houses for 7 persons each with 2 bedrooms for 2 people each on the upper level and a living room with 3 beds downstairs. Every house has its own kitchen and bathroom.

almost 50% are booked so if you like to visit us, please hurry.



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